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J. Palmer Branch, DPM
Board Certified in both Foot Surgery as well as
Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery
Fellow- American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons



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Bunios refer to a bony prominence on the side of the foot behind the big toe due to the joint being out of proper alignment.  These prominences can often be very painful in shoes.   A similar condition called a Tailor's bunion or bunionette deformity is seen behind the fifth toe (small toe).  Bunions are a painful yet common condition.  Sometimes, there is inflammation of the soft tissues over the bunion deformity called a bursitis.  A bursitis is an inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that is normally present and typically provides a cusioning effect between different structures.  The inflammation and thickening of these sacs can aggravate the pain from a bunion deformity.

If you are suffering from bunions, you are most likely familiar with the symptoms. Pain, redness and extreme sensitivity are to be expected as bunion growth progresses and the affected toe is pushed out of alignment. If allowed to progress, bunions can make it difficult to walk and eventually cause severe pain.

A tendency to develop bunions may be passed down from parents to children, which suggests that the shape and action of the foot may cause the condition.   Improper shoes such as women's high-heeled pumps or men's cowboy boots can lead to the development or worsening of an existing bunion deformity.  Other condiitons such a severe flatfeet and types of arthritis can also lead to bunion deformities.

Padding and shoe changes can sometimes help but surgery may be needed to straighten the joint to allow for resolution of pain.  A consultation with a board-certified specialist in foot and ankle problems (podiatrist) can help determine the treatment options and appropriate surgical procedure when needed.

Lilburn Podiatrist | Lilburn Bunions | GA |  |
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